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Infant Toddler Program

California Young World's Infant Toddler rooms are conducive to both learning and growing in an environment that is suggestive of a comforting home. Our warm and nurturing teachers are attentive to the needs of all our infants and toddlers, while enriching them with love and support to set the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Children are cared for in small groups providing opportunities for one-on-one interactions between children and staff. As infants become toddlers, we work to build a foundation based on language and social development.

Toddlers through out their day are given various opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills, dabble in art, science, music and movement, and dramatic play. Our teachers strive to involve each child in all personal care activities to allow children to become active participants in their development

Preschool Program

California Young World’s primary goal for our preschoolers is to help prepare them for grade school and provide basic skills that will make for a seamless experience.

We have a fundamental belief that our preschool program enhances confidence by​ engaging children in activities, to help them become problem solvers and life long learners. Through active learning, exploration, and hands on experiences; children will build on their basic needs, listening skills, social skills and conflict resolution.

Our professionally trained staff will provide an environment for your child that is safe, stimulating, nurturing and full of exciting opportunities. 

School Age Program

California Young World offers a School-Age program for children Kindergarten to 5th grade. Our after school program is tailored for those who need care in a safe, secure, fun and inviting environment. School-Age children are given the opportunity to work on their homework, play outdoors, enjoy arts and crafts, use the computer and read or join in board games.

Our goals for the school age children are to support them in developing physical, cognitive, social and emotional capacities, and self expression in art, music, language and science. In addition we provide ample opportunity for fun, relaxation, rest and recreation.

Your School-Ager will enjoy their days with friends actively socializing and building a deep appreciation for independence and freedom of choice. 

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